:::We are the Best Food Company in Pakistan, Now Butt Sweet Introduced Milk and Yogurt:::

Mr. Nazir Ahmed Butt laid the foundation of Butt Sweets in 1947 and sweet moments of freedom became sweeter with inauguration fo Butt Sweets. Mr. Nazir Ahmed Butt brought an outstanding taste of Khalis Desi Ghee in shape of Sweet Products for Lahore City and was praised a lot by the Lahories.
It progressed so swifty that there was Only one outlet at the time of inauguration and now there are eight in Lahore city. Mr. Shahzad Nazir Butt, Mr. Shahid Nazir Butt and Mr. Tahir Nazir Butt are now keeping the faith of their father and with their team struggling to provide the great traditional taste to Lahore City. Butt Sweets is adding up day by day and presenting new products frequently to increase the range of choices for its customers in sweets, Baked as well as Cooked Items. Butt Sweets has become the taste developing masters in the town and got its repute as the distinctive traditional taster makers.

Butt Sweets is one of the most reputable and famous producers of Sweets and Bakery items in the town. They have gained all its fame and repute by the traditional and outstanding taste of its products. They are keeping a prominent distinction for its taste and quality from its day of foundation. Butt Sweets has become an irresistible place fir any person who loves a quality taste in a traditional way and with no compromises, specially its seasonal products like Halwajat, Rabri Doodh and Ice Cream are making prople crazy. They keep on renovating its outlets time to time as they are tryingto provide good atmosphere with the outstanding products. Butt Sweets has got a lot of customers who are true lovers Traditional and Conventional taste in a new and modern style. They do not compromise over the qualities and taste. They are the biggest asset for the progress of Butt Sweets to provide and Butt Sweets always fulfill the demands and needs that us why after wandering whole city they break on the Butt Sweets and enjoy the true Lahory maza up to their desires. Butt Sweets cares for its customers and always takes a step ahead before its Customers think for it.

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